About Us

Infinity Networks is part of a continuing legacy that is over eight decades old.

Today, Infinity Networks keeps abreast of changing trends and expertise and provides:

  1. Quality cables and wires for a host of retail and industrial applications under its TeraNet® brand
  2. Retail vending solutions with its Infinity Food Station vending machines.
  3. Advanced technology solutions with cutting-edge technologies from across the world.

A result of continuous efforts, planning and attention to detail, quality procedures at Infinity Networks are precisely defined and strictly followed.

So, reap the benefits of quality, innovation and reliability.

Move ahead with Infinity Networks.

Why Us

At Infinity Networks we are:

  • Young in age but old in business experience.
  • Flexible as a start-up yet process-driven like a large corporation.
  • Passionate about what we do.
  • Solution oriented with a ‘partner’ mindset, not in ‘vendor’ mode.

Basically, we provide solutions that meet your business needs.

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