• It is an electronic machine used to disperse a product to a consumer after a certain amount of money has been put into the machine.
  • Vending machines are commonly used to disperse beverages and snacks items but, in recent years companies have introduced vending machines that disperse other items like medicines electronic toys etc
  • Vending machines became popular during the industrial revolution.
  • The first modern coin-operated Vending machine were introduced in England in the early 1880s.
  • In 1897, games have also been added to these machines.

  • The vending machine delivers an item after it has received the amountrequired to disperse it.
  • The machine has slots for currency notes, that accept one note at a time.
  • The machine also accepts digital modes of payment such as Paytm, UPI, Google Pay etc.
  • A mechanical sensor indicates which currency has been inserted.
  • The controller's output causes a single item to be released down a chute to the customer.
  • These machines require electricity to vend products.
  • They come in various shapes, sizes, colours and prices.
  • They are commonly found in Airports, Hospitals and shopping malls/ office complexes.
  • The common vending machines are-
    Gumball Vending Machine
    Toy Vending Machine
    Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine
    Why to vend?
  • Convenience for anyone on the go
  • 24/7 availability
  • Saves time
  • Improves productivity
  • No queues
  • Customizable
    Why us?
  • New machine of latest technology installed
  • Dual zone automatic machine accepts currency notes
  • Digital payments mode
  • Refilling/servicing of machine on daily basis
  • Dynamic product range
  • Only known brands, FSSAI certified products offered

Safe from Covid-19

Automatic dispensing without human touch
Pre sanitized products
Includes intensified cleaning
Regular disinfection of surfaces such as buttons
Reminder for consumers to sanitize their hands before and after touching the buttons on the vending machine.