Telephone Cables

Today, the vital link in the world of fast movement is communication. A well established and firm contact is dependent upon the connecting technology delivering right signals with high accuracy.
In many respects, the telephone cables are processed with specially treated copper conductor having better elongation and strength for longer life, better solderability and special insulating materials to avoid any cross talks.
An easily Identifiable colour coding helps in reducing the time loss for accurate connections.
Concern for safety and environmental protection has made it mandatory that the cables you install meet specific rigid requirements.

  • Material & Construction: Tinned copper conductors, PVC insulated, Sheathed, armoured/unarmoured.
  • Identification: Approved identification thread laid under the sheath.
  • Applications: Indoor telephone wiring, switch-board wiring, private telephone exchanges for intercoms, telecommunication equipment, etc.
  • Specifications: TEC Spec. No. G/WIR-06/02 May 94 armouring to IS:1554 Part-I 1988
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